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Noah recently made the move to Toronto, Ontario, having previously lived in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia.

He completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of British Columbia, a Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Victoria and is currently working on Master of Social Work thesis at Dalhousie University. After completing his MSW, he plans to go on to complete a PHD, possibly in public health.

He is the proud recipient of many academic awards and honours, including the Raoul Leger Memorial Humanitarian Award, which is presented annually to a Dalhousie MSW or BSW student in recognition of their commitment to issues of development of peace and social justice.

As a social worker, Noah has worked in a wide variety of roles, in both the government and non-profit sectors, particularly in the fields of mental health, addictions, housing and homelessness. Before moving to Toronto, he worked for seven years in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and is currently working for the City of Toronto, in their Hostel (shelter) Services division.

As a researcher, Noah is currently doing thesis research on transgender suicide. Specifically, he is trying to determine why the rate of transgender suicide fluctuates so widely across different studies.

Besides being interested in transgender suicide, Noah is also interested in suicidology and transgender research in general, as well as in autism and the autism rights movement.

As an activist, Noah has been very active in the transgender community and in advocating for improved SRS coverage in the Province of British Columbia. He is also working on the creations of a series of booklets for transgender kids on social transitioning and body care.

In the past he co-founded the Alexandria Tucker Memorial Society, which advocated for increased awareness of transgender suicide, through the undertaking of a cross-Canada cycling tour.